About Us

Welcome to KenDevRealty.com!  If the name sounds familiar, it should… Our parent company, Kenmore Development, has been providing quality multi family housing to WNYers for almost 50 years. Our mission: to provide renters with the highest level of property management and customer service. Whether you’re selling your first home or buying your dream home, we’re committed to guiding you through every step of the process. Our Agents are home grown WNYers with a special understanding and appreciation for all things “Buffalo.”  We look forward to helping you. Our expertise, dedication, and understanding … your Home.

Kendev Realty, The Key To Fine Homes …


Standard Operating Procedure

Kenmore Development Real Estate, LLC – Assumed Name KenDev Realty

Standardized Operating Procedure for Purchasers of Real Estate

Pursuant to Real Property Law S 442-H

Regarding all prospective buyers.

Please be advised that Broker and all individual licensees Standardized Operating Procedure as follows:

  1. We do not require identification from a prospective purchaser.
  2. We do not require a purchaser to sign an exclusive buyer broker agreement.
  3. We do not require pre-approvals for a mortgage or proof of funds in order to show a purchaser properties.